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Limoncello Liqueur 700ml


Limoncello Liqueur. One sip of Artisans Secret Limoncello Liqueur is all it takes to evoke the bright, summery citrus scent of lemon sorbet.

Tasting and Fragrance Notes: Exceptionally intense and fragrant with a sweet, fresh citrus tang, a strong lemon aroma and a smooth richly textured mouth feel, with tangy citrus mouth-puckering acidity and well balanced sweetness.

Appearance: Our Limoncello Liqueur has a lovely golden hue. Glowingly translucent with a fine trace of lemon sediment visible from our hand-crafting process.

Our Process: Our limoncello is made with fresh high-quality…free peeled lemon zest, which is then macerated in our own Artisans Secret Premium Vodka.  Then, only pure cane sugar is added…just enough to lightly sweeten.  Our Limoncello is then proofed down to 29% ABV. Whenever possible, we source our lemons from our own spray-free lemon trees on our distillery property.

How to enjoy? This Limoncello’s fresh, clean and sweet flavour with a bright lemon zest lingering, we believe is best enjoyed served already chilled from the fridge or freezer, over ice after dinner, or variants of Cocktails, Highballs, Sours and Spritzes.

A great looking bottle: Limoncello is available in our beautifully designed 700ml bottles. Our bottle presents well as a classic retro-antique hand-blown looking style of glass bottle.  Our liqueurs are made, bottled, labelled and packaged by us on-site distillery.

29% ABV


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