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Chilli Plum Gin – 200ml & 700ml (free shipping)


Chilli Plum Gin

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A fruity, spicy Chilli Plum Gin. This creation brings together a unique combination of Plum and Chilli.  Upon sipping, experience the fresh sweetness from the plums and chilli, followed by the gentle aromatics of this gin, finished with a slow rising warmth from the chilli. Just one drink and you’ll want to recommend it to your friends.

Concept & Features

Carefully crafted in small batches and copper-distilled in the Gold Coast Hinterland, our team at Artisans Secret Distillery have created the perfect Chilli Plum Gin. We were inspired by childhood memories of eating Mud Crab marinated in Chilli Plum Sauce on the Surfers Paradise beachfront.

Sweet meets savoury with this hot release from Artisans Secret distillers Ray and Sarah Lewis. We’ve infused our Aussie Dry Gin with the sweetness of local red and black plums and mild red cayenne chillies. Delicately balanced, the heat from the chilli does not overpower the fragrant botanicals of our Aussie Dry Gin.  

Tasting Notes

Plum goes impressively well with spicy ingredients. Its tarty sweetness arrives right away on the palate. Then, this gives way to classic gin botanicals such as juniper and coriander. A little warmth and tingle develops on the finish, giving the gin a defined finish. 

Pairing Ideas

Our Chilli Plum Gins sweet and savoury notes are best savoured neat or given an extra kick when served with a splash of ginger beer and a slice of green or red chilli. Great recommended as after dinner drink with or without sweets. Chilli Plum Gin is also great served as a spicy G&T or a chilli and lime gin spritz. Try very fresh “on the rocks” with a tonic, in Gin Fizz or even a fiery mojito!  Our favourite – pour over ice and freshly crushed watermelon. Add a sprig of mint to garnish. 

40% ABV


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