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Black Java coffee liqueur 700ml


Black Java coffee liqueur.  Smooth and rich with a subtle sweetness.

Our Process: We start creating our Black Java coffee liqueur by selecting and cold brewing a finely balanced blend of  Ethiopian and Tanzanian coffee beans. This deliver fantastic notes of bittersweet cocoa, gentle almond and raisin, with a slight lemon acidity. Then, we blend this with our Premium Vodka and Spiced Rum. This gives a not too heavy but wild and fruity flavour, with a light dark chocolate and roasted coffee aftertaste.

How to enjoy:  A truly decadent and delicious glass of Black Java can be enjoyed with your friends as a sipping shot, over ice, a White or Black Russian or as a high quality espresso martini.  As a tasty bonus, you can easily serve it with your favourite ice-cream or any creamy desserts.

A great looking bottle: Black Java is available in our beautifully designed 700ml bottles. Our bottle has a classic antique 1920’s hand-blown look.  All our spirits and liqueurs, are created, made, bottled, labelled and packaged by us on-site at our distillery.



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