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Our Process

Our Botanical Garden

Our botanicals selected from our distillery gardens are grown using only natural products.


Wort/Wash Preparation

In this kettle we blend water with our selection of malted and unmalted grains, sugar or molasses, where it is boiled and steeped before the filtered wort/wash is transferred to our fermentation tanks.  This kettle is also used in some of our fresh fruit preparations.


Yeast is selected, dependent on the type of white spirit we are making, and added to the wort/mash. Temperature, pH and specific gravity is monitored during this process.



After fermentation, the wort/wash is transferred to our still (affectionately known as “Our Girl”).  Our Girl is a hybrid copper still which can be run as a pot still, pot still with gin basket or thumper, or a twelve bubble-plate reflux still with or without the gin basket.  After the low wines are collected, we conduct further runs through the column, resulting in our own unique style of base alcohol for our spirits.  To make our gin, we select our special mix of herbs, fruits and other botanicals which we either macerate or place in the column gin basket to infuse our desired aromatic and taste profile. Alternately, we run the low wines through the twelve -plate reflux column to produce a premium clean vodka.

CROSSOVER BLENDING:  Artisans Secret Distillery shakes up the traditional spirit industry with a new small-batch botanical crossovers, offering Ginouzo and GinRumi. Creating these surprisingly delicious combinations was somewhat enchanting. It embodies everything we love in a modern brand of crafted spirit, plus we get to drink it!


This is where we age our rum in American Oak barrels.



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