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About Us

When only the best will do


Our Story

Both Ray & myself, Sarah, bring our experience in cellar management, brewery managed house relief management, together with our study of biochemistry and western herbal medicine within our allied health degrees, into our journey together at our distillery. 

This journey grew from our hobbies, such as growing medicinal herbs and other botanicals, primary producers of gourmet & medicinal mushrooms and making dual extract tinctures. We also enjoy keeping our kitchen gardens and our chooks happy and healthy.  Ray has followed his grandfather’s passion for making home brew, and more recently he has mastered the art of making homegrown naturally fermented dragon-fruit sparkling wine. 

It was from making our dragon fruit wine and tinctures that Ray’s curiosity was sparked as to whether we could make a fruity gin from our dragon fruit and also if we could make our own base alcohol for this gin and for our tinctures.

From this thought, we began researching craft distilling and over the next twelve months we obtained our licence to start distilling spirits, began experimenting with different botanical combinations and became fully licenced as artisan distillers.

We believe our hobbies helped shape our commitment to produce a range of spirits that reflect the growing sentiments throughout our society for food and drinks that are locally produced by those who care, value their natural environment and work with nature’s ingredients to make the real deal – real foods and drinks made with passion and process transparency.

About our Distillery & Products


Adopting sustainable processes

Artisans Secret is a craft distillery, located on acreage in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland, Qld. We make our spirits from scratch, including the alcohol, to distil our own range of gin, vodka, white cane spirit (and at a later date our rum – which is currently maturing in oak barrels). The botanicals (such as fruits, flowers, herbs, spices) we select from those we grow on site from our distillery property and also whenever possible, from local organic producers.

We cherish our local environment and wish to protect our flora and fauna by caring for the botanicals we grow by following organic principles, adopting sustainable processes such as harvesting our own pure filtered rainwater from our property and repurposing all distillation by- products for safe use on our land. 

Attention to detail

No synthetic or artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives are added to our spirits, and because we produce them in small batches, this allows us hands-on attention to detail, essential for creating unique flavour palates full of character to excite the senses.

Artisans Secrets’ product range is available from our online shop and also at selected Gold Coast and Brisbane markets and distillery events.



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